About Us

KAJART  is an award winning multi-media production studio based in Toronto, Ontario, since 2012. Kajart specializes in Animation and film, but also creates unique visual art works.


“He graduated from Classical and 3D Animation Arts class of 2005. He started his career as a 3D Generalist and Animator, having to work with software and animation productions such as SideFx, Two Presidents Productions, The Skonkworks, Gallus Entertainment, BBC Kids, Documentary channel, Teletoons and Guru Studio. His love for creative work and mix media and experience in big production pipelines has drove him to create KAJART productions which, has resulted in numbers of animations, stop motion and music videos.”

“She is an experimental filmmaker. She has studied filmmaking practices at Sheridan College. Earned her Bachelor’s and Master’s of Fine Arts from York University. Personal experiences and emotions have inspired her to explore her inner feelings through filmmaking. Taravat is the recipient of numerous film awards from various film festivals, including Tirgan Film Festival, MaGa Macon Film Festival, Viva Doc International and her films have been officially selected for major festival’s such as Hot Docs, International Film Festival Rotterdam, Cinematheque Winnipeg, Cinesiege and Pleasure Dome .”


Kajart services animation and film

3D Animation
Motion Graphics
Stop Motion Animation
Infomercial and Educational Videos
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Kajart Services Branding

 Logo and Icon design
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